Fjelltur helg i Rondane

Dato:22. – 24. september 2017
Planleggingsmøte:Datoen kommer snart
Påmeldingsfrist:Før 15. september
Transport:Transport: bil (egen bil, evt utleie fra (ca 400kr/bil/dag); mat
Kontaktperson:Tristan Hauff (=47 93646103)

Helgen 22-24.september tar vi turen til Rondane ! (Om været tillater det!)

The week-end of 22nd to 24th of september, we’re going to Rondane ! (As long as the weather allows it)

⦁The plan is to leave on Friday after lunch-time (latest), drive to Rondane ( 4-5hours from Oslo) with our cars, or cars that we rent. There we will find a good spot to set up camp, probably not far from the cabin called Rondvassbu. (Details will come later)

⦁Friday evening we will be able to do as we like, play games, eat good food,, fish, take a walk etc.

⦁Saturday we’ll do a more challenging hike, probably to the highest peak of Rondane, Rondslottet:

⦁Then on Saturday evening we’ll chill at the camp base, and then do another hike (shorter) on Sunday morning. We’ll leave to Oslo in the afternoon in order to come back not too late.

The Saturday hike will be long and can be exposed if the wind rises, therefore you should have good enough experience with mountain hiking and be in good shape 

NEEDED: - Good hiking shoes and good hiking clothing. - Warm sleeping bag. - Sleeping mat. - Camping equipment. (A lot can be borrowed from OSI fjell, like the tents and bags etc. Please be sure you can borrow stuff before you join in!)

We will buy the food on the way, and meet once some days before the week-end in order to make a list and to get to know the hikes we’ll do. 


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