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Kevin Spade
02/08-2018, 13:27

Can I just say I have read all of this thread and am surprised at the comments made by certain individuals. I have recently bought in an area that has some gypsies. I read about the area first before I decided to buy there. The house we bought was indeed owned by a rom gypsie, who had been living amongst the bulgarian population and was accepted as a part of the village. Kristof (his name) I have found, is as trusting as anyone in the village. His family are all lovely people and the kids all seem so happy and genuine.
If I was to believe lots of things I have read on this thread, then I would find it hard to believe how a rom gypsie and his family could integrate so well. I do realise that there are problems with the gypsies, but please dont stereotype everyone of them.Find out what each individual is like...You may be surprised like we were.

Please help.

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